Big Gay Rainbow Cone

Rendez-vous with a Salty Pimp at Big Gay Ice Cream

When in New York, I usually plan for a dessert stop after dinner – a late night adventure, to you know, maximize restaurant coverage.  It’s like post-dessert dessert.  Stop being…
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Momofuku Flu

I am under the weather, not feeling so great, but I know exactly what I’ve got.  Textbook case.  All the symptoms. Momofuku Flu.  I caught it at their Noodle Bar…
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Amazing Doughnut Plant Donuts

Donuts are undergoing a renaissance of sorts these days – really what is better than a fresh doughnut?  Balthazar, the classic French Bakery, in trendy SoHo, makes banana walnut donuts…
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Even peanuts taste better with bacon

Bacon Love

Year of the rabbit?  Doubt it…I declare this the Year of the Pig, and actually the “Year of the Belly of the Pig.”  What’s the deal?  All things “porcine” rule…
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