Algorithm for Delicious NYC

Matt Green, a civil engineer, is dedicating his life to walking every single street in the 5 boroughs of New York City. Every. Single. Street. It will be 8,000 miles…
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lobster woman

My 2013 Un-List

I am listless.  And list-less. It’s not my usual state.  I love me a list.  On old fashioned paper, written with my favorite pen.  The crossing off is the best…
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Cronut crush

Cronut ‘Pleasness’ Trip

I went to New York for 24 hours. For a donut. Actually, two donuts.  There’s a limit per customer.  I could not leave one behind. No biggy. Except that I…
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The amazing Tertulia (and Paisley)

Dining with a tribe in NYC

When trying to plan a family trip to NYC, I discovered that an amazing thing happens if you plan on dining with more than, say, 3 other friends.  You are…
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