Just the beginning

Sure sign of spring

Dear weather, this is unacceptable behaviour.  Make room for spring.  I mean, it’s April and I’m still wearing a toque. I eagerly await the tulips to poke their heads from…
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Orange Julep 32 years later

Orange Julep – 32 Years Later

I am simultaneously looking at Anna’s iPhone and the myriad of signs at the intersection.  We have a minivan full of kids and Ontario plates.  The guy in the car…
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Fruits de Mer in the sunshine

Top Ten 2011 Tastes

A new year tends to make you reflect.  I am incredibly lucky.  I have so much to be grateful for.  Two amazing children.  A wonderful husband who supports me in…
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L'Original Fairmount

Bagels: Montreal and Everywhere Else

If anyone ever asks you where to find the best bagels, you cannot answer the question until you have settled on geography.  When it comes to bagels, our very own…
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