La Boulange Truck

36 Hours in San Francisco

OK.  36 hours in San Francisco is not very long, but I think I’d take 36 hours over none at all.  I was on the west coast last week working…
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Micro Arugula

Liberty Village Farmer’s Market – Open for the Season!

June is a delicious time in Ontario.  I should actually say, a particularly delicious time – especially if you love asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries – like I do.  After a…
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To Whiz or Not To Whiz

“A whiz wit, and a provolone wit.” I mean, I knew I did not want it without.  It had to be better “wit”.  Right? But I was really unsure about…
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Swan Oyster Depot

San Fran Classic: Swan Oyster Depot

After a five hour flight a girl could really use a crab salad and a couple of pints of beer.  Don’t you think?  We drop our bags and head straight…
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