We didn’t even know it was Mardi Gras

This New Orleans trip was one of the most researched in. history.  We approached preparing for 4 days of eating and and drinking with the diligence Sarah Keonig applied to…
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Hot Doug's

The Hot Doug Days of Summer

Nothing says summer like hot dogs.  I think I only eat ‘em during the months of July and August.  But alas, I do not live in Chicago, where the ketchup-less…
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One that's ready

Blueberry Hunter

When I woke up this morning, I just had a feeling they were out there.  Waiting for me.  Maybe it was last night’s dessert…. I fear we may have had…
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Lamb Butchery Demo at Cowbell

Learning from a Lamb

“This could be the night I turn into a vegetarian…” Michelle quips as we walk into Cowbell on Queen West.  This nose to tail bistro would not exactly be a…
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