Travel is an integral part of the food business.  Whether it’s to check out retailers, or to find new ideas and trends to fuel your product development team; visiting the food scene in other cities is critical to staying competitive and driving innovation.

Planning visits is time consuming.  What are the best stores?  The best restaurants?  What is everyone talking about right now?

Looking for the best croissant in Paris?

Most authentic gelato in Verona?

Maybe you need to research the best Indian food in London?

How can you be sure you will get the most out of your time and money spent?

EC Consulting can help.

New York.

San Francisco.





Northern Italy.

If you not only want to go, but need to be in the know, let Elspeth help you plan your trip, or even better yet, let her guide you.

The best food stores – from big box stores, to little known gems.

The best restaurants – from classics to the latest top rated chefs.

Elspeth will create an agenda tailored specifically to you and your group’s needs – whether you want to focus on butcher shops or bakeries, cheesemongers or a certain type of cuisine.  An EC Consulting itinerary will ensure you come back with actionable ideas to get your new products to market.

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