Transforming culinary passion into outstanding business results.

From concept to launch and beyond, EC Consulting will guide you through your
product development opportunities.

You love the food business and you have a good product. But so does your

You get your product to market, but not as quickly as you’d like.

You really want to wow your customers, but are just missing the mark.

In order for your business to be profitable, you need to cut costs –without
sacrificing quality.

EC Consulting can help.

Take the BEST products to market:

With over 20 years’ experience in the food business, Elspeth Copeland knows that
product development encompasses much more than just creating great-tasting
products. Her tool kit includes everything you need to bring products tailored to
your strategy to the market:

Idea generation. Sensory Evaluation. Culinary acumen. Competitive benchmarking.

Create an EFFICIENT process:

Building a competitive edge requires a well thought- out plan. EC Consulting will
help you ensure the right products get to market as quickly as possible – making
certain your investment in new items will drive sales for years to come. EC
Consulting has extensive experience in each of these key areas to help your team
stay focused and deliver results:

Vision Crafting. Process building. Improved speed to market. Brand Strategies.

Speak your CUSTOMER’s language:

Understanding your customer is paramount. Leverage EC Consulting’s
experience in category management, retail analytics, foodservice sales and
manufacturing to connect with your customer, anticipate their needs, see their
perspective and get to market ahead of your competition.

Gross profit. Promo effectiveness. Net contribution. Sales per point of distribution.

EC Consulting – Transforming culinary passion into outstanding business results.