Dining around Barcelona

When I was planning a trip to Barcelona, I was overwhelmed with the number of restaurants.  So many tales of incredible food.  Tapas.  Pintxos.  Seafood.  Fine dining.  Where to eat?…
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Dinner with Ferran

“Are you sure you want to go there?  It’s incredible, but not traditional.  They make, I don’t know how to say….things like mousse…..out of Jamon!  Just so you are prepared.”…
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Cous cous feast

Remembering the flavours of Morocco

Its amazing how a smell or a taste can transport you.  I was at a meeting on Friday, and they served “choukchouka”.  Eggs poached in a jumped up-super flavourful tomato…
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Mountains of onions

Trading dates for smiles in Azrou, Morocco

Lahcen asked us if we would like to venture out of Fez into the mountains to see the weekly Berber market held outside Azrou.  South we drove, away from the…
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