Cacio e Pepe Quest

The first time I had Cacio e Pepe in Verona, I knew I had fallen in love. So simple, yet purely delicious. I was agog to discover that this silk…
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Just the beginning

Sure sign of spring

Dear weather, this is unacceptable behaviour.  Make room for spring.  I mean, it’s April and I’m still wearing a toque. I eagerly await the tulips to poke their heads from…
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Molasses Spice Cookies

Christmas Baking

Getting ready for Christmas.  I spent the entire day cooking and baking with Paisley.  There’s lots to get done – Christmas is a mere week away.  For an eleven year…
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La Secrestia Kitchen

Dinner at the Church of Antonio – Verona

Day 2 in Verona, and the culinary delights do not disappoint.  I had a wonderful adventure yesterday, but will have to wait until I return home before I can tell…
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