Epic Road Trip – Part 3 – (Back) to the Salt Mines

We were up before the sun. We had a big day planned. The sunrise drive through the mountains to the coast was spectacular and relatively uneventful, except for the time…
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Top of Brevant

Cheese Vacation in Chamonix

We are just back from a ski cheese vacation. Now I need a vacation from cheese. I don’t really want one, but it’s probably recommended. You know the Michelin man? OK….well….convention has it that he’s made of tires.

Cafe des federations

Bouchon Experience – Cafe des Federations, Lyon

If La Mere Brazier was, say, a 13/10 on the fancy scale.  Our next stop was, umm, a generous 3.  A solid 3.  A delicious 3.  Personally, I am a…
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Fruits de Mer in the sunshine

Top Ten 2011 Tastes

A new year tends to make you reflect.  I am incredibly lucky.  I have so much to be grateful for.  Two amazing children.  A wonderful husband who supports me in…
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