Molasses Spice Cookies

Christmas Baking

Getting ready for Christmas.  I spent the entire day cooking and baking with Paisley.  There’s lots to get done – Christmas is a mere week away.  For an eleven year…
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Truffle ‘smuggler’

I usually follow the rules.  Generally, I am law abiding.  I am, for certain, a terrible liar.  I don’t know what came over me.  I succumbed to truffle madness. While…
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The Glow from David's Tea

An ode to David’s Tea

I’ve had a really brutal cold this week.  Cancelled all my meetings.  Stayed home, and drank gallons of David’s Tea.  Gallons.  I am pretty certain I would not have survived…
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Radishes with butter

Paula’s Provencal Table

One of the best outcomes of my course in France last fall was meeting some wonderful people.  We were 18 students from literally all over the world and, of course,…
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